Iona is a truly gifted and unique photographer. She gets amazing
results, shooting in a style all of her own by getting to places no
other snapper I've worked with would even think of shooting from. I've
had the honour of not only being photographed by her but also of
watching her at work with other live bands and watching her at work is
in itself an art form. She becomes one with the music, instantly
falling into its rhythm like no one else.
Iona has also done film work with the band and was a pleasure to have
around. she gets great results simply by blending in and being a part
of the vibe. Her short documentary for the band really speaks for its
Iona is a unique talent and a has a distinctive vision.

Rick McMurray of ASH

She understands the essence of rock and roll – all that clamour,
perspiration and harsh poetry. And if you watch her at work, you’ll
see her locking into the rhythm of a band, second-guessing the noisy
chords, the peaks and the perfectly mad flights. She always comes back with images that summarise the best parts of the night. Favouring grainy,

high-contrast shots, wise to the drama of each event, her work is exceptional.

Stuart Bailie - BBC/NME/Oh Yeah

Iona Bateman is a supremely talented photographer. She somehow manages
to make all our scruffy buggers look like demigods and it’s her
instinct for the exact moments that make a photo special rather than
the technicalities that set her work apart. It’s a talent that has not
gone unnoticed either. Her work has featured in NME, Hot Press,
Kerrang! and here at Alternative Ulster. More recently she’s been the
tour photographer for Therapy? and Ash. Her star is set to rise and
rise, and she will surely be capturing iconic images for years to

from Alternative Ulster Magazine: The Top 50 Most Influential People
in Northern Ireland Music

Iona Bateman has been at the forefront of rock photography in Northern
Ireland for some years now and has amassed an impressive body of work.
To date Iona's work has featured in Kerrang!, NME and Hot Press, and
has taken her as far afield as Kuwait and Athens - while bands such as
Therapy?, Electric Eel Shock and Ash all consider her a mate! The
quality, intimacy and impact of the photographs is as powerful as any
live music gig. Iona captures the essence of her subjects, the feeling
of the crowd and overall her love of the music.

Exhibition Press

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